Cirque Du Pic'nique

Each year, our client UOP Honeywell presents us with the unique challenge of providing entertainment for their room at a large convention.

This convention after party and each company is trying to throw the best and most interesting party to keep the guests in their conference room as long as possible.  This year, they came to us with 3 themes they were most interested in- Cirque, Superhero, and Magic.  It was our job to show them what we could do with each of those themes, and eventually bring one of them to fruition.



Our first step was to flesh out each of their three themes into something that we could see techy business people breaking out of their shells and enjoying.  For the Cirque theme we wanted attendees to feel as if they had stepped into a Cirque big top and experience the childlike wonder of witnessing highly skilled circus performers flying around them.

For the Superhero theme, we proposed numerous different interactive stations staffed by favorite heroes. 

For the magic theme we pitched a Houdini style and offered strolling magicians, side-shows, and an escape room puzzle wall that guests could solve together.

Our client decided on the Cirque theme and their favorite performers, thus it was time for Kelly, our costume connoisseur, to head to the drawing board to design the costumes, characters, and aesthetic for the evening.

Character & Design:

Each character’s aesthetic was based on a chosen color, and what their specialty skill was.  The design of each costume piece was made to compliment their movements while not distracting from their performance.  


Our aerialists wore similar purple & white/gold swirled leotards with feather wigs giving them the look of exotic birds flying high above the crowds.

Our LED hooper wore an orange leotard with layered skirt and ruffle collar repeating the circular motif.  The matching beaded leggings were accented as she danced and spun hoops on her feet.

Mime Cirque Theme

The Red Cyr Artist had fiery tassels that seemed to spark and swirl as he spun around the floor and the sheer pants gave the illusion of smoke and glowing embers.


Our Blue Mime was a patchwork homage to Marcel MarCeau and the classic mimes of ages past.

Cyr Wheel Artist Cirque themed

Our Ms. Fondoodle stilt walker is a character that was first inspired over 8 years ago.  This was the perfect chance to bring her to life! Her bright yellow dress and shapely legs caught the eyes of all the conference goers...

Problem Solving:

One of things that we pride ourselves on is our ability to think on our feet and solve problems quickly.  Our client had planned a virtual reality circus experience for the guests, but unfortunately the system was malfunctioning.  She came to us an hour before doors opened for a solution.  Luckily, we had just debuted our giant bean bag toss the previous weekend, and we had members of our Video Production team hop into a truck and bring it to the venue.  It ended up being a huge hit and it filled the other side of the conference room perfectly.



The attendees were having such a great time, that we were asked to continue performing for an additional hour and to pencil in the date for next year.  Many of the attendees and our client said that we were the best room at the conference for the second year running!


Check out some of our favorite shots from the event: