Circus Picnic Spectacular

This event was a chance to bring our creative community together to celebrate an amazing year, and to look ahead to exciting collaborations cooking in 2018! 

When we throw an open house, it’s an OPEN TENT! Those who were lucky enough to receive one of our coveted Golden Tickets were transported to a magical night of costumed characters, daring performances, interactive games, delicious treats, and circus shenanigans. 
Come see for yourself!


As a rule, we only work with the very best people, and it was thrilling to bring together our colorful community of Austin creatives and change-makers! See the full photo album HERE.

One of our favorite parts of the party was the Screening Room, where we screened some of our favorite video work. Here's a little taste:

We picked THE PERFECT SPACE for this event!
Check out the video our team produced for the Gather Venues event space.