Greenheart Creative becomes Circus Picnic

I'm excited to announce the unveiling of Circus Picnic!   We have operated under the Umbrella Company Greenheart Creative since 2009, but due to a trademark on Greenheart, we need to rename the entertainment sector of our company.   This has been a long process of negotiations to get us to where we are today.   Although our last name is legally Greenheart, trademark law was written before the internet and we must comply.    Sad news for our old identities, but great news for this exciting next chapter.   We have a lot of wonderful things planned for Circus Picnic and we invite you to join us on the journey.   Please subscribe if you would like to stay in the loop of our activities, multi media projects, and community shows.

Why Circus Picnic? 

My husband and I met at a gathering in 2009 that I co-orchestrated.  It was called Electro Circus and was a magnificent monthly meet-up in Zilker Park, attracting hundreds of circus and flow-arts enthusiast.  It was a skill share mecca where most of our now-collective-of-performers started developing and honing their craft.   That fateful day led to love, adventure, creativity, and a thriving video production and performing arts business with my now-husband.  


That experience reignited in me a sense of wonder, connection, spontaneity, and liberation.   What started as pure play developed into a flourishing community and a ton of highly skilled performers. 

Magic happened that summer with the circus.   It was this summer, 7 years later in my kitchen that "Circus Picnic" came into its present form.  I was wearing an apron I made with the words picnic printed on it.   As I was wearing it, Jefe mixed up the letters and thought he saw Circus, and then he saw Picnic, and then Circus, and boom... the rest is history. 


The essence of those first gatherings where we fell in love is what we want to create for others.

It's going to evolve over the years as we evolve, naturally.  But at its roots, Circus Picnic is founded upon people playing outdoors together, sharing food, getting inspired by the magic of the circus, becoming participants instead of spectators, dissolving the boundaries that divide us, getting lost in wonder and the imagination, and seeing the good in the world around us. 


Kelly Greenheart 

P.S. The circus that started it all... (Electro Circus from 2009)