I get paid to make mermaid costumes?! I love my job.

 Magical Mermaid Parade in Salado, Texas

Magical Mermaid Parade in Salado, Texas

Sequins and Sparkles and Shells, Oh My!

When two of our clients requested “magical” and “mermaid" back to back,  I was overjoyed to go above and beyond for their theme.  I have, after all, worn a necklace that says “In Pursuit of Magic” everyday for the past two years.   Nothing gets me more fired up than creating custom costumes for clients that have specific needs… and magical at that!

I found the perfect fabric in the LA Fashion district; my favorite being an iridescent, pink, sequin fabric that looks just like fish scales when moving in the light.   My assistant producer, Jen, and I spent more than 80 hours making these outfits with several 4:00 AM sewing sprints before normal work hours.  

in pursuit of magic.jpg

The shows were spectacular.  We brought out real live swimming mermaids, a fantastic fire juggler, a unicorn, mermaiding giant bubble artists, and of course, the stilt walking sea princesses.  One of the events was to celebrate a local mermaid legend and support ‘Keep Salado Beautiful.’  We were thrilled to be raising awareness about protecting mermaids’ natural habitat.

To me every circus show really boils down to sharing magic.  

Magic is a creation born from love, pure creativity, the miraculous, and the inconceivable.  At it’s essence, our job is to spread the magic.   And this was an unbelievable opportunity to just to do just that.

I  strongly believe that our hard our work inspires kids to stay creative, explore their imaginations, believe in the impossible, and dare to be different.


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