The steampunk circus crash lands at ACL and Art Outside!


Imagine the delight of a rainbow parachute.  

How old were you last time you played with one?  Claim a color, grab a handle, spin round and round? Maybe it was in elementary school.  Remember the joy, the spontaneity, the novelty, the freedom that those parachutes evoked in you as a child?  Well good news... it feels just as great as an adult!   We brought this immersive play experience to several art festivals recently to remind ADULTS and KIDS that you’re never too old to make believe and PLAY.


The spontaneous joy that our activation brought to sluggish teenagers, solo fest goers, and curious families left everyone with a renewed sense of delight and connection.

And so the story goes...

In 1812, the CIRCUS PICNIC Steampunk Aeronauts were voyaging from Pangea to the New World in our rainbow airship when we ripped through a portal in time & space, and crash landed at Art Outside and ACL.  While looking for the missing pieces of our ship, we came across some amazing Earthlings!  We needed a new captain, so we put them through a series of tests to see if they had what it took. Through shenanigans, mayhem, circus feats, and parachutes, we appointed many new captains & crew members who helped us take lift off.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.54.17 AM.png

Check out the Circus Picnauts in action below!