Hourly Performers

 Consider hiring performers based on their speciality skills.  All our performers are professional, experienced, and reliable. 

hire carnival stiltwalker Austin, TX

Stilt Walkers 

Stilt walkers are eye-catching and wonderful as greeters, announcers, character entertainers, photo ops, and contribute largely (no pun intended) to the dazzling ambiance of your event.   See our gallery for a wide array of stilt character costumes. 

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Costumed Characters

Characters of all types come to interact with your guests, sign autographs, take photos, and inspire the imagination.  

hire Strolling Magician texas

Strolling Magician

A strolling magician wows small crowds with a series of tricks up his sleeve.  He roams throughout your event putting on five minute shows.  This is an interactive offering tailored to fit your audience whether adults or families.  Ideal for any size event where your guest wait in lines, sit at tables, and especially for mixing and mingling.  How’d he do that!?  

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Partner Acrobats

Ambient acrobatic performers create an impressive circus spectacle without the need for equipment or rigging.   Two or more performers deliver fantastic balancing acts for five to ten minutes periodically throughout the event. 


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Fortune Telling

Utilizing the ancient and mystical tool of the Tarot, our readers interpret symbolic answers to life's questions.  This offering is a one-on-one, ten minute experience.  Expect this to be a popular experience at any event with people willing to wait in lines to receive their fortune.  

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Living Statues 

Frozen in time, these performers are as still as stone, adding an interesting conversation topic to any ambiance.  People are fascinated by their ability to be so still, and guests constantly stare hoping they'll flinch. 

book strolling table holiday entertainment austin texas

Strolling Tables

Serve your hors d'oeuvres in unique style.  A female actress strolls around the event inside a table interacting and entertaining guests as they enjoy appetizers from her dress. 

hire facepainters austin tx

Face Painters

The surest way to please any kiddo. 

book event entertainment Caricature artists Texas

Caricature Artists

Delight your guests with characterized drawings of themselves in black & white, color, or digital! 

giant bubbles kids birthday party

Giant Bubble Artist 

Gigantic bubbles create endless hours of fun as kids chase and pop them or cheer when they make it far into the sky.  This is equally enjoyable for both kids and adults. 

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Balloon Twisters

Let kid's imaginations come to life in the form of balloons. 



Hire contortionist entertainer TX


"How is that possible?" guests exclaim, as contortionists push the limitations of the human body by using strength and flexibility to create fabulous forms. 


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Hula Hoop Dancers 

A wonderful way to mesmerize crowds, hoop dancers are exciting to watch spinning with skill in daytime and night with LED hoops.  

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Fire Dancers 

Fire Hooping, dancing, spinning, roping, juggling and more.  There's more than one way to delight with fire and these performers know how to make the crowd gasp with this dangerous and hair raising spectacle.  Ideal for outside events.

All our fire performers are insured and experienced so you can rest assured you're in for a treat. 

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One of the first forms of circus entertainment, juggling is still just as impressive and celebrated today as it was in the renaissance.



Take your show to the next level with flying aerialists and acrobats who perform graceful routines hanging from the sky. 



Cotton Candy Machine & Cutie 

Sweeten up your event with our organic, non-GMO, dye-free Cotton Candy served by a Cotton Candy Cutie from a red vintage cart. 


Live Mermaid

Perfect for pool parties, our mermaid is a beautiful water performer in a silicone tail.

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Improvisational Cocktail Waiters 

Serve your guests drinks in style.  These interactive improv actors are entertaining and functional.  While embodying custom characters they deliver laughs as well as drinks. 


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Party Starters 

These folks come with a posse.  They liven up the crowd by being the first on the dance floor, chatting with guests who are standing in corners, and generally make sure the party starts off on the right foot. They can blend in disguised as guests, or they can wear costumes to match the theme.   


There’s no velvet rope between audience and performer. We like to rope in spectators and create interactive participatory experiences.
— Kelly Greenheart