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Lucid Audio Website
Marketing Agency: Multiplier Effect Website


Help HLT, a hearing aid company, pivot into the headphone product marketplace with limited brand recognition.  


In partnership with the Multiplier Effect, we conceptualized and produced over 60 videos to introduce Lucid Audio’s breakthrough products.  We created interactive web commercials, documentary style testimonials, Explainer/Unboxing Videos, and an experiential marketing activation complemented by a viral video that garnered 1.4 million views.   Leading with our authentic documentary storytelling approach, we connected with consumers by telling real impactful stories.  


Millions of views, $8 million dollars in first year sales, a viral transmedia campaign centered around gratitude and altruism that created significant social currency and goodwill for the brand.  


Infusing creativity, love, and the element of surprise is what we do best.  When we get to collaborate on meaningful projects like this with our clients, everybody wins.

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Circus Picnic was our first call. We knew that we had to have professionals that could really connect with people on a human level, but that also wouldn’t miss a detail.
— Alicia Smith, CEO, The Multiplier Effect

What Do You Need to Hear?  Viral Campaign


A “Surprise and Delight” experience we crafted with spy-like precision.  The conversations created through social dialogue amounted in an overwhelming wave of positive impressions.  From an event activation, to heartfelt video content, to a “pay it forward” social media effect that still has us beaming…


The #ExpressLoveToday Campaign generated over 14,000 shares!  Not to mention countless tears and meaningful connections as viewers tagged their friends and family with heartfelt messages in the comments.

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Authentic Documentary Storytelling Series


The best way to create trust with a consumer is social proof.  But we weren’t going to make your average testimonial film.  We discovered 15 unique characters and told their stories in our signature authentic docustyle approach, while elegantly weaving in how the Lucid Audio product fits into their interesting lifestyle.  By creating content with more depth, our work engaged an audience on social media and on their website platform.


Filmed with American Ninja Warrior contestant, Ian Waggoner

Read the comments below to see how this video affected the viewers. 

The above video, Samuel Greyhorse, won first place in the commercial category at the Equus Film Festival in NYC. 

 The video layout on Lucid Audio's Website

The video layout on Lucid Audio's Website

 All these Comments are in response to the Model Airplane Pilot Video Above

All these Comments are in response to the Model Airplane Pilot Video Above


Test Drive Web Commercial and In-Store Display


A interactive commercial that showcases the product functionality through common use cases in an entertaining way.  The ultimate virtual test drive.  Viewers are able to toggle between audio tracks from ambient noise to the headphone noise to experience how the product works in real life.  

Lucid Audio Test Drive Example 1
Lucid Audio Test Drive Example 2

This video is a sample of the footage.  The audio here was not not sound mixed, since solo tracks were embedded into Lucid Audio's website. 

Explainer Videos


With the popularity and utility of unboxing videos being an essential component in any product launch, we produced a 20 video series across their product offerings that served as instructional how-to’s for first-time buyers.